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Do you suspect your property’s foundation might be cracked and sinking in a process known as “foundation failure”? Are you worried about what that could mean for your property’s quality and value?

Don’t let a fixable problem become a long-term crisis.

At Foundation Repair of Louisiana LLC, we can inspect, diagnose and fix any cracking or damage to your property’s foundation before it becomes a significant and costly problem. Our certified foundation repair professionals are knowledgeable in both commercial and residential foundations, and use sophisticated measuring equipment to identify the foundation damage that other inspectors may miss.

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• Residential foundation inspection and repair
• Commercial foundation inspection and repair
• Push pier installation for commercial foundations

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How does a foundation become cracked?

Over time, the composition of the ground under a property will change, usually because of a gradual rising or lowering of moisture levels. This process causes the ground to become unstable, and it will sink or expand. When that happens, everything above the ground— including the foundation that your property rests on— moves, which can lead to damage.

How can I tell if my property’s foundation is cracked?

The movement of your property’s foundation will put your home or business under pressure and strain. It can often lead to structural damage. Signs of foundation cracking can include: sinking or heaving floors, cracks in drywall or sheet rock, cracks in brick and exterior masonry, stuck doors and windows and sloping floors.

How serious is a foundation crack?

Foundation failure is typically a gradual rather than a rapid process, but it can be extremely damaging to a property, and therefore expensive. If your property is more than 10 years old, it is a good idea to have the foundation evaluated by a certified foundation repair professional. Contact Foundation Repair of Louisiana LLC today to schedule a free property inspection.